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Our site rules! Empty Our site rules!

Post by Heather+Hayden06 on Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:48 pm

ALL members must read & sign these rules or your account will be removed.
The rules are to keep our site safe & a fun place to post.

-Once your account has been activated you will be given 2 weeks to start posting. Once those 2 weeks are up and you have not yet made an introduction post your account will be removed. That also goes for members who have already been posting in our forums. If a 2 week time gap passes with no posting or contact with a member on this site telling us why you are not posting your account will be removed. IF YOU ARE GOING OUT OF TOWN, ARE SICK, BABY IS SICK OR ANY OTHER REASON YOU KNOW YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO POST FOR 2 WEEKS OR MORE....LET US KNOW AHEAD OF TIME SO WE DON'T DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT!
*If there is an emergency & you have no way to contact someone on RWM & your account is deleted, sign up with us again. If your account is removed from lack of posting that does NOT mean you are banned.*

-One username per member. Do NOT register with more than one name or you will be banned. Registering more than once will make you look suspicious. If you would like to change your username, you can do so in your profile.

-NO drama whatsoever! Yes, not all of us will agree on everything but we can deal with disagreements in an adult manner. You will be given 2 chances. The first time you will be warned. The second time will just be an automatic ban.

-NO namecalling! It is childish and will not be accepted. We are all adults here. I hope we can act like it.

-NO spamming! That means on the boards themselves for all members to view AND in Private Messages. Please do not post advertisments of any kind without first PMing a Site Admin first.

-Do not share Private Messages (PM). They are meant to be private hence the name.

-Please do not post another members personal information on the site. IE: Phone number, address etc. If a member would like to give out their personal information, they should do so themselves.

-NO LURKING: This does not mean you have to respond to each and every single post. But if the admins or moderators find members logging on persistantly and reading through posts without leaving ANY responses you will be warned about this behavior. Lurking is a security risk...2nd time we catch you your membership will be deleted.

-Please do NOT register with Real World Moms if you are NOT going to post!

-Every member has the option to choose whether or not their online status will be shown. We ask that all members do not hide their online status. That makes members look suspicious so we ask that you do not hide on our forums. If we see that a member is doing so & yes we can check what members are hiding, they will be banned from RWMs.

We have the right to add to our rules at any time. If we do so members will be notified of additions or changes.

I hope our site can be an enjoyable place to be!

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